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Automation is a game mechanic that enables players to automate parts of their bases to run without needing to interact with control panels, moving resources, or turning power on or off.

Automation Items[edit | edit source]

Automation uses a few items to help the player automate their modules and resource moving.

Auto Arm[edit | edit source]

The Icon Crane.png Auto Arm is a Tier 2 item that allows the player to move Tier 1 items to and from storages and modules, and can also place items into the player's Backpack. It can be used for pulling items from Rovers to fill up dedicated storage areas of a player's base or moving items onto platforms to be used by connected Printers.

Sensors and Repeaters[edit | edit source]

Sensors allow players to have more control over when items and modules will run or activate. Sensors send signals to connected items when certain states are met.

  • The Icon Sensor.png Storage Sensor sends a signal when connected storages are either full or empty, when they are empty or not empty, or when they are full or not full.
  • The Icon Sensor.png Battery Sensor sends a signal when connected batteries gain or lose charge, when they are charged or not charged, or when they are empty or not empty.
  • The Icon Sensor.png Power Sensor sends a signal when the power flow gained, when it is lost, or when it is lost or gained.

The Icon Sensor.png Button Repeater is used to activate one or more items at a single time. The button can be pressed manually by the player, or signals from Sensors or other Button Repeaters can trigger it as well, allowing more advanced automation of creating items.

Auto Extractor[edit | edit source]

The Icon Auto Extractor.png Auto Extractor can be used to give players a greater amount of resources from a single deposit. It gives up to 15 times the number of resources that the Terrain Tool would produce from the same deposit, but at a much slower speed.

Resource Canisters[edit | edit source]

While not directly tied to Automation, Medium and Large Resource Canisters can be very useful when paired with the Auto Extractor, allowing players to leave the extractor running for a long time and coming back to a full canister.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • An easy way to begin with Automation is to just use the Button Repeater connected to any module to toggle them on or off, with even more control if connected to more than one module. Using the button allows players to activate an array of printers or Research Chambers, for example.
  • Guide:Nanocarbon Alloy Automation illustrates how players could utilize Auto Arms to automate the crafting of Icon Nanocarbon Alloy.png Nanocarbon Alloy.