Small Battery

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Small Battery
Tier Small
Group Storage, Power
Type Widget
Recipe 1x Lithium
Crafted at Backpack
Research 2,000 Bytes

The Small Battery (or Backpack Battery) is one of the types of Batteries in Astroneer which stores power up to 2 columns (8 bars). It can be placed in any slot.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Like the Medium Battery, Small Batteries accumulate power from the network they're connected to whenever production exceeds demand, and no other machines require extra power. The battery will provide power whenever the network doesn't produce enough energy.

The maximum charge and discharge speed of a small battery is 1 Amp, the same speed the backpack charges and discharges at, even though the appearance of the Small Battery's bars progresses more slowly due to its much larger storage capacity.

A small battery holds more than three times as much power as the backpack itself does, and can fill in 32 of the backpack's ten units when plugged into a rover or large platform, meaning that keeping even just one Small Battery on the backpack increases the power available for gun augments by more than 300%.

  • In the current stable build, Small Batteries do not discharge to fill the backpack unless the power can transfer via tethers, just like Medium Batteries. Situationally, plugging a battery into an adjacent rover or platform may be necessary.
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