Small Printer Plinth

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Small Printer Plinth Small Printer Plinth
Small Printer Plinth.png
Tier Small
Group Item
Type Creative

The Small Printer Plinth is a creative item in Astroneer.

Source[edit | edit source]

The Small Printer Plinth is acquired in the Creative Mode Research Catalog, and cannot be acquired in non-creative games.

Uses[edit | edit source]

The Small Printer Plinth can be used to spawn the following items in Creative Mode:

Item Item
Icon Storage.png Medium Storage Icon Platforms.png Medium Platform A
Icon Rover Seat.png Rover Seat Icon Tier Large.png Medium Printer
Icon Oxygenator.png Oxygenator Icon Generator.png Medium Generator
Icon Solar.png Medium Solar Panel Icon Wind Turbine.png Medium Wind Turbine
Icon Battery.png Medium Battery Icon Generator.png RTG
Icon Splitter.png Splitter Icon Shelter.png Field Shelter
Icon Platforms.png Medium Platform B Icon Shredder.png Medium Shredder
Icon Rover.png Tractor Icon Rover.png Trailer
Icon Drill.png Drill Strength 1 Icon Drill.png Drill Strength 2
Icon Drill.png Drill Strength 3 Icon Thruster.png Solid-Fuel Thruster
Icon Thruster.png Hydrazine Thruster Icon Winch.png Winch

Media[edit | edit source]