Small Solar Panel

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Small Solar Panel
Tier Small
Group Power
Type Module
Crafted at Icon Backpack.png Backpack
Recipe 1x Icon Copper.png Copper
Byte Cost 500 Bytes

The Small Solar Panel is one of the Solar panels in Astroneer as well as a power source. It can be placed on a Platform, Vehicle, or the player's backpack. As expected, it only works during the daytime. It is smaller than the Solar Panel. At night, the small solar panel orients itself completely upward (or perpendicular to its slots). During the daytime, it will orient itself automatically toward the sun (if possible). When placed on the ground, it will create a small platform.

Source[edit | edit source]

Output Input Module
Icon Small Solar Panel.png Small Solar Panel Icon Copper.png Copper Icon Backpack.png Backpack

Uses[edit | edit source]

  • Power Production Rate: 0.5 Units/s
  • A Small Solar Panel will fill one bar of battery in 8 seconds.
  • A Small Solar Panel produces the same as a Small Wind Turbine.
  • It is 2x more power and space efficient to fill a Medium Storage with eight Small Solar Panel than to use a single Medium Solar Panel on a T2 slot. However, if the Storage is not flattened only half of the panels will receive sunlight.
  • As of the 0.6.5 release, Small Solar Panels can be placed on the ground and attached individually to any object with a port connection.

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