Small Wind Turbine

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Small Wind Turbine
Wind Vane.png
Tier Small
Group Power
Type Module
Recipe 1x Aluminium
Crafted at Backpack
Research Yes

A smaller version of the Wind Turbine, formerly known as the "Wind Vane." The Small Wind Turbine is a widget and a power source that can be placed on a Platform, Vehicle, or on the utility slots of an astroneer's Backpack. The Small Wind Turbine will only produce power while in windy weather, but not during a storm.

Production[edit | edit source]

  • One Small Wind Turbine produces 0.5 units/sec, or 8 secs/bar worth of power (same as the small solar panel). Without any other source of energy, a single wind vane will fill a backpack main battery in about 20 seconds.
  • When placed on Modules, a Small Wind Turbine will fill one bar of battery in 8 seconds. So, for example, the 8-bar battery of a  Research station will be filled by one wind vane in 64 seconds.

Media[edit | edit source]