Solid-Fuel Thruster

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Solid-Fuel Thruster
Tier Medium
Group Module
Type Vehicle Attachment
Crafted at Icon Small Printer.png Small Printer
Recipe 1x Icon Ammonium.png Ammonium
1x Icon Aluminum.png Aluminum
Byte Cost 500 Bytes

The Solid-Fuel Thruster is a (Tier 2) vehicle attachment that is crafted. They are expendable, with enough charges allowing a maximum of four take-offs and planet hops, thus it is important to create an extra thruster but kept packaged on your backpack should you want to go on a longer trip.

The maximum number of maneuvers is four. Lifting off from a planet will consume one maneuver. Travelling to another planet will also consume one maneuver. Fortunately, landing does not consume any maneuvers.

Source[edit | edit source]

Output Input Module
Icon Solid-Fuel Thruster.png Solid-Fuel Thruster Icon Ammonium.png Ammonium
Icon Aluminum.png Aluminum
Icon Small Printer.png Small Printer

Usage[edit | edit source]

Solid-Fuel Thrusters can be attached to any vehicle or structure with 2 slots available. They are best used with the Small Shuttle early on as a way to explore other planets before acquiring the Hydrazine Thruster and Medium Shuttle and Large Shuttle. Because these are single use, you may carry an extra in your backpack for a return trip if packed in a crate.

Solid-Fuel Thrusters may also be placed on Rovers and activated to boost the rover and possibly launch it into the sky. Doing so may result in the rover getting stuck due to the way physics work in the game.

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