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Storages are items whose only function is to contain several of certain objects.

Basic Storage[edit | edit source]

Medium Storage[edit | edit source]

Medium Storage is a tier 2 Module that can carry up to 8 Small items just like the Backpack. Note that some modules might not work as well such as the Small Solar Panel when attached to the storage

Large Storage[edit | edit source]

The Large Storage is a Larger Version of the Medium Storage. It carries up to 4 Medium Objects, and up to 32 Small items with the combination of the Medium Storage. It is crafted using the Vehicle Bay and cannot be detached or reattached once built. It can be fitted to either a Large Rover or a Medium Rover, as well as a Large Shuttle.

Extra Large Storage[edit | edit source]

The Extra Large Storage is an even larger version of the Medium Storage. It carries up to 31 Small Items. You can not put Medium Items on it. [Picture Needed]

Special Storage[edit | edit source]

Canister[edit | edit source]

The Canister is a special tool that is used to store liquid resources. It is in many ways similar to a Tank, which stores gaseous resources. It is reusable, and it can hold Soil or Hydrazine.

Tank[edit | edit source]

The Tank is a smaller version of the Backpack's internal Oxygen storage. It can be attached to any slot on the backpack, including its Terrain Tool's slots.

Batteries[edit | edit source]

Batteries are one of the types of Items in Astroneer which store power. When a surplus of energy is produced, it is used to fill a battery somewhere in the network (assuming all modules' internal batteries are full.) They can be filled or depleted at a maximum rate of 4 units/sec (or 1 bar/sec).

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