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X.png The subject of this article has been removed from the game in an update.

The Storm was the most notorious hazard in Astroneer, seeing as it occurred on all planets except Barren. Most players would have encountered a Storm as early as their third day, and it was capable of killing players, knocking away unsecured resources, and even flipping vehicles. Storms had differing intensity depending on how close the players were to its center; the closer its center was to players, the more debris that would spawn and launch towards them. Storms always spawned some distance from players, and would either entirely bypass their location or aim directly for them. The main hazard in storms was the rocks that would hit unprepared players, seriously damaging them.

Surviving Storms[edit | edit source]

  • To ensure your hard-earned Resources were not blown away, secure them using a storage or by affixing them to an empty slot in a platform (of any kind), a shelter, or onto vehicles. You can also dig a hole to store the resources but be aware there are bugs that may glitch the resources through the ground.
  • To prevent death, players could enter a shelter, quickly dig a hole in the ground deep enough to avoid flying debris, or enter a cave to wait the storm out. Vehicles were not entirely safe, as they could be flipped over.
  • The Large Rover only offered protection provided the wind did not flip the vehicle, so hiding in a vehicle seat was also a good strategy, as it is generally wide enough to avoid being thrown.

Another strategy was to build a bunker system along routes you usually take, but make sure you had enough oxygen!

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