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System Era Softworks, often referred as just "System Era" or "SES", is an indie game company founded on 2014. Their office is located by a docks in Seattle, Washington.

They're famous for their debut game of "Astroneer", which currently is being developed by them

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Members[edit | edit source]

Consisting of veteran game developers (minor or major title), System Era consisted in numbers of veteran game developer, and is currently garnering more and more members.

Founders[edit | edit source]

SES Adam.jpg
SES Brendan.jpg
SES Paul.jpg
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Adam Bromell - Artist & Designer Brendan Wilson - General Manager Paul Pepera (1986 - 2017) Jacob - Programmer -
Co-founder, Artist, and possible Yeti.

'AAA' game dev since '04.

Too big to go to outer space.

gonna make a game about it instead.

Co-founder and General Manager.

Formerly of 343 Industries.

Dad, eater of pies.

Co-founder and dear friend.

Rest in peace.

Former member of SES

Now working on AI Safety

Members[edit | edit source]

SES Riley.jpg
SES Zabir.jpg
SES Aaron.jpg
SES Andrew.jpg
Riley Gravatt - Sound Designer Zabir Hoque - Engineer Aaron Biddlecom - Designer Andrew Ford - Engineer -
Sound designer. Formerly at

Disney and Electronic Arts.

Lover of everything audio, film,

video games, and drink.

Former Epic Games & 343

Industries Engineer.

Directed acyclic graph enthusiast.

Game designer and digital toymaker.

Former gameplay engineer on Galak-Z,

and UX Designer at Envelop VR.

Still amazed he gets paid to make games.

Previously lead client network engineer

at 343 Industries and Zipper Interactive.

Probably thinking about rock climbing.

SES Samantha.jpg
SES Veronica.jpg
SES Gene.jpg
SES Joe.jpg
Samantha Kalman - Designer Veronica Peshterianu - Producer Gene Blakefield - Animator Joe Tirado - Communication
Samantha is a designer who writes

just enough code to be dangerous.

Lover of play and art.

Creator of Sentris. Old-school unity

Formerly of PopCap Games

and 343 Industries.

Champion of vision, coordination,

and great player experience.

Lover of travel, food, and

co-coperative video games.


Setter of key frames.

Footwear model to the stars.

Lover of wife and child.

Avid footwear enthusiast,

lighthouse aficionado,

and long winded storyteller.

Refers to Lego Bricks as Legos.

Likes all the snacks.

SES Elijah.jpg
SES Sam.jpg
SES Spencer.jpg
SES Carl.jpg
Elijah O'Rear - Engineer Sam Wolpert - Engineer Spencer Kern - Artist Carl Christofferson - Engineer
Programmer that pretends to

know things about design.

VR poop game magnate.

Fashion is a close second

love after video games.

Formerly of 343 Industries.

Builder of systems, team dynamics ,

and lifelong lover of anything

that happens in space. Probably

Knows too much about the NBA.

Artist and maker of random things.

Previously an artist on Minecraft and

Project Spark. Fan of just about

everything related to Space and Dinosaurs.

An outdoor enthusiast with a soft spot

for the Pacific Northwest,

fire lookouts, and the PCT.

Likes to cogitate on minor

math when hiking trails.

Eleanor Wingo.jpg
Annie VanderMeer Mitsoda.jpg
Erich Iveans.jpg
Eleanor Wingo - Artist Annie V. Mitsoda - Designer Erich Iveans - Quality Assurance
- -
Creator of 2D and 3D art. Formerly worked at Harebrained Schemes and Amazon. A total nerd: loves video games, plays DnD and day dreams about anything medieval/sci-fi fantasy. Industry gremlin since 2004. Nerd about videogames, plants, comics, cooking, boozecraft. Also writes things. Guaranteed to bore you if you ask her about orchids. Has turned a childhood taking apart toys into a career doing the same with games. Photographer, zombie book aficionado, and Dad.