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Version: 0.4.10215.0

Release Date: 12th October 2017


  • Added the new "Reusable Canister" item
  • Mineral Extractor Module now available to build .
  • Hydrazine Catalyzer Module now available to build
  • New Boost Mod Augment is now available .
  • Fuel Condenser changes: The fuel condenser now requires multiple charges to create a full canister of refined Hydrazine, and also reusable canisters to put that Hydrazine in.
  • New Power Dynamic has now been implemented ° Deforming, flattening, or removing terrain no longer uses backpack battery power. Deform forever!
  • The backpack no longer "trickle charges". That means if you run out of power, you are out until you can generate or find more. Be careful!
  • Printing from the backpack printer now draws power .
  • Augments also now draw power when activated on your terrain tool.
  • Deforming with the drill head fills connected canisters.
  • Adding terrain now requires stored terrain from reusable containers
  • Added a new Soil Hose to the Deform Tool to show Soil usage between the Deform Tool and Canisters in the Backpack.
  • Added Soil gauge to the Terrain Brush

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