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Meta-template for building navboxes. A navbox is a grouping of links used in multiple related articles to facilitate navigation between those articles.

Based on wikipedia:Template:Navbox, see documentation there.

Usage[edit source]

Blank template with commonly use options:

| name = Navbox/doc
| state = uncollapsed
| title = title
| group1 = Group1
| list1  = List1
| group2 = Group2
| list2  = List2
| group3 = Group3
| list3 = List3
| group4 = Group4
| list4 = List4

Parameters[edit source]

Template name.
text in the title bar.
controls when a navbox is expanded or collapsed.
optional text to appear above or below the group/list section.

Styles[edit source]

Styles are generally advised against, to maintain consistency among templates(MediaWiki:Hydradark.css should be used instead or applied general here); but the option to modify styles parameters are given given below, for specific customization or testing purposes:

  • style
  • basestyle
  • titlestylex
  • groupstyle
  • groupnstyle
  • liststyle
  • listnstyle
  • listpadding
  • oddstyle
  • evenstyle
  • abovestyle
  • belowstyle
  • imagestyle
  • imageleftstyle

Example Navbox[edit source]