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Exotic Biome 2.jpg
In this image, the player is standing on terrain on the planet Exotic

In Astroneer, Terrain is the fundamental substance that defines the makeup of the game. The entirety of the various Planets in the game are made up of terrain. The Player can manipulate terrain by using the Terrain Tool. Terrain can be stored in object form via Soil Canisters, when dug up using the terrain tool. In addition, stored soil can be ejected back into the world via the terrain tool.

Properties[edit | edit source]

Terrain has various properties within Astroneer. Terrain acts as the player's primary collision interface; hence the player cannot move through terrain (usually). The player will collide with terrain, usually standing on top of it as they are pulled towards the gravitational center of the planet that they are on. All other objects, including vehicles, interact with terrain in a similar way through their collisions hitbox.

Types of Terrain[edit | edit source]

Terrain comes in many colors. Each biome has unique colors, totaling 37 known colors throughout the game. However, terrain which is redistributed into the world via the terrain tool will always appear grey, unless the player is using a Terrain Analyzer, which is an Augment that allows for the 'collection' of a terrain color. This color can then be used throughout the world.

Terrain also comes in two different types: 'soft' and 'hard' terrain.

  • 'Soft' terrain is regular terrain which can be manipulated by the player via the Terrain Tool. It is the terrain that the player will primarily interact with, and may come in many colors.
  • 'Hard' terrain is a special type of terrain which only appears in the world in two scenarios:
    • When the player first starts their game, they spawn with their starting habitat on a large field of 'Hard' terrain.
    • Some special Resources may spawn in patches of 'Hard' terrain, making them more difficult to obtain. For example, Titanite and the Astronium found at the planet's core both spawn in 'Hard' terrain.

'Hard' terrain cannot be excavated with the Terrain Tool. However, resources that are present in 'hard' terrain can be obtained by:

  • Using a Crane on a Rover, preferably a Large Rover, with the Drill Head attachment, which will allow the player to excavate the 'hard' terrain and obtain the resources.
  • Small quantities of the desired resources can be obtained by digging all around the 'hard' terrain with the terrain tool. This will usually provide the player with a sufficient amount of the resources to complete one or two 'stacks' of the resource.

Note that it is not recommended that the player attempt to remove the 'hard' terrain that spawns under the starting habitat. 'Hard' terrain can be distinguished from normal terrain as it is a blackish-grey and appears in small patches around very rare resources. The Astronium which spawns at the planet center is found in very dark green 'hard' terrain.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Terrain is intended to have many uses in Astroneer, both functional and aesthetic:

  • A hole may be dug in terrain, which can be used as early-game item storage
  • A terrain ramp can elevate the player to higher places
  • Terrain can help the player (and their vehicles) cross caverns and ravines by bridging across them
  • Terrain can be used to mark certain areas or directions. This is especially useful when creating a network of Beacons
  • With the variety of colors available, and the flexibility of the tools which can be used to manipulate terrain, creative possibilities are endless! Create a castle, a giant animal, a space station, or anything else you'd like! The creativity is in your hands!