Terrain Analyzer

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Terrain Analyzer
Terrain analyzer.jpg
Tier Small
Group Augment
Type Module
Recipe 1x Aluminum
Crafted at Backpack
Research 3,000 Bytes

A Terrain Analyzer is an Augment that can be equipped onto the Terrain Tool. Its main purpose is to create or change the color of terrain the Terrain Tool comes into contact with. It can be obtained through two ways: being found at a crashed satellite, or being researched. When attached to the Terrain Tool, it changes the color of soil that is released from the Tool when generating new terrain, and prevents the Tool from collecting or deforming any color other than the one set by the Analyzer. When paired with the Inhibitor Mod, the Terrain Tool can then be used to alter the color of existing terrain without deforming it. This is widely regarded as "Painting" and thought of as the main use of the augment. Many players use it to "add spice" to their system and make it unique.

Note that as of the Research Update, all terrain tool augments are not automatically learned and require research

Warning: once you start filling it with a color, that's it, you cant change what color the Analyzer is filled with. You need to fill it all the way up and it works with that color only.

Want another color? You simply make another one and fill that with a different color.

So you will end up with a collection of Analyzers, each filled with a different color.

Terrain Colors[edit | edit source]

There are three types of color: Matte, Rough, and Reflective. Matte terrain colors are normally segregated to individual planets which are mainly comprised of 2-3 basic colors. Rough terrains appear with shiny pixels glossed across them that sparkle as the player's camera moves. Reflective terrain is more rare, and usually begets a strong need to reduce ones' monitor brightness during the in-game daylight hours.

Info table

  • Simplified Name: The name of the closest "generic" color
  • Color Name: The detailed name of the color
  • Texture: The aspect of the terrain color
    • Plain/Matte: Non-Reflective, Plain
    • Sparkly/Plastic: Sparkling, Rough
    • Shiny/Metallic: Reflective, Smooth
  • Location: Where to most likely find the terrain
Simplified Name Color Name Texture Location Extra Info
White Snow Plain Terran (Surface) Found on the mountaintops of Terran planets
Mint Cream Sparkly Tundra (Surface)

Gray/Grey Light Gray Plain Terrain Tool The terrain tool's default color; resembles concrete
Gray Barren (Surface)
Goldenrod Radiated (Surface) The bedrock that Sarlacc pits have at their surfaces
Concrete Plain Modules Spawned as you create modules; darker than the default concrete gray of soil

Blue Sky Blue Sparkly Terran (Surface/Cavern)
Deep Blue Tundra (Surface)
Cyan Tundra (Surface)
Teal Tundra (Sediment) Found on titanium/lithium deposit of Tundra planets
Cornflower Shiny Exotic (Surface)
Slate Radiated (Sediment) Found on titanium/lithium deposits of Radiated planets

Red Salmon Tundra (Surface) Found in the Acid Lake biome
Reddish Brown Arid (Surface)
Brick Arid (Undeground) The layer known as "Red Earth"; the deepest part of Arid planets
Pink Arid (Sediment) Found on titanium deposits of Arid planets
Light Red Barren (Surface)

Green Chartreuse Tundra (Surface) Also found in the Acid Lake biome
Lime Shiny Terran (Surface)
Lawn Green Exotic (Surface)
Dark Green Terran (Undeground) The layer also known as "Green Earth"; the deepest part of Terran planets
Olive Astronium Found on a sediment surrounding Astronium

Yellow Lemon Exotic (Surface)
Mustard Barren (Surface)
Lemon chiffon Arid (Surface) Found in the Fortress biome

Purple Violet Exotic (Surface)
Magenta Exotic (Surface) Commonly Found on Mushroom Forest biome
Fuchsia Terran (Surface/Cavern)

Orange Carrot Terran (Surface)

Brown Mud Terran (Surface)
Gold Arid (Surface)
Olive Shiny Terran (Surface) Found in the foothills of Terran planets' mountains
Cream Tundra (Surface)
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