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Tier Medium
Group Vehicle Modification
Type Module
Research No

The Thruster is a medium tier (2 slot) attachment found in caves, spaceship wrecks or (rarely) within a surface of a planet. Powered by Hydrazine

Usage[edit | edit source]

Thrusters can be lifted and attached to any vehicle or structure with 2 slots available. Any 1 slot item can be attached to the bottom slots, but when Hydrazine is attached, the Thruster gains steady thrust until the fuel is consumed. The Thruster can move for example a Large Rover when fuel is attached (up to 4 at the same time) and when a driver is seated in the vehicle. If no driver is seated, the thruster will not move the vehicle.

Bug don't attach Hydrazine on it if the Thruster isn't attached itself. Else it will become a satellite that will stay upon you forever.

Hilarious bug: if you attach the Thruster on a big storage on any vehicle (except Large Rover) and you fire the Thruster, the vehicle will start spinning and will roll until the physic's end wall (where all the things stop moving even if they're in the air).

Construction[edit | edit source]

As of yet, it does not seem that the Thruster can be constructed.