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Tiers are used to categorize all items in Astroneer. Tiers exist based on whether the item fits in a certain attachment slot or based on which Printer the item is crafted from, such as Titanium and a stack of tethers being Tier 1, or Research Items and Medium Wind Turbines being Tier 2. Packed items or modules can fit in one Tier below attachment slot, such as a packed Medium Printer can fit in a Tier 1 attachment slot, and a packed Large Shredder being able to fit in a Tier 2 attachment slot.

Tier 1 - Small[edit | edit source]

Tier 1 refers to any small item in the game that fits into a single slot and can be dragged around easily. These items are small enough to be stored in the Backpack, and include Resources or any item crafted in the Backpack Printer. Some items, such as the Small Solar Panel, will have a small platform when placed on the ground, allowing it to be used without being placed in an attachment slot.

Tier 2 - Medium[edit | edit source]

Tier 2 refers to any medium-sized item in the game. Modules in this category fit onto a 2-slot connection. These items cannot be placed in the backpack, but the player may instead carry one of them by selecting the item and dragging it onto their person or pressing the Use key (default F). Holding the item will slow the player down until they drop the item. Items included in this tier are Research Items, Medium Storage, or any other item crafted with a Small Printer.

Tier 3 - Large[edit | edit source]

Tier 3 refers to any large item. Modules in this category fit onto a 4-slot connection. These items cannot be easily carried, and the player moves much slower when holding them. Items included in this tier are Medium Rovers, Research Chamber, or any other item crafted at the Medium Printer.

Tier 4 - Extra Large[edit | edit source]

Tier 4 refers to Extra Large items. Modules in this category fit onto an 8-slot connection. These items are the hardest to move, with some being unable to. When moving a Tier 4 item, the player will be stuck in place until putting the item down. Items included in this tier are Large Rovers, Shuttles and any other item made in the Large Printer. Tier 4 items can’t be shredded and need to be blown up with Dynamite.

Media[edit | edit source]