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Good example of a module image
Good example of resource icon

Primary Priority[edit | edit source]

Stuff that needed to be changed immediately to avoid confusion

  • Improve page about System Era
    • Include the staff, their position, and social link
      • Include former staff too
    • Might need a lot of research
  • Page about Future content.
  • Get a new background for the light theme version wiki
  • Ask the staff why the icon previews appear to be in negative reversion
    • Jacob's black&white portrait
  • Replace research tab on infoboxes to show byte cost instead

Secondary Priority[edit | edit source]

This page is used for editors to plan and mark on pages or article needed for the wiki.

  • Add tier 4 to the object template to avoid Template:Unknown for things in the extra large tier
  • Look for someone who's actually good at CSS, because I'm quite messy when it comes to formatting.
  • Flora
    • Decorative Flora
    • Organic Resource
    • Hazardous Flora
  • Images for the 9 new wrecks
  • Document ALL biomes for other planets
  • Improve page for Geothermal
  • Take screenshots of all of the plants, decorator or hostile.
  • Use Updated Screenshot for the Research Item
    • Gray(Default Terraforming color) Background
    • Orthogonal Angle
    • Image to be taken during daylight (optional)
    • No grass/decorator allowed around
    • Flat ground
  • Look for more accurate names for the colors in Terrain Analyzer
  • Gain Access to game's files.
  • Update File:Backpack new.png

Editing Etiquette[edit | edit source]

See Editing Guide