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All content provided comes from the official Astroneer trello.

Future Updates[edit | edit source]

The information below is provided by System Era on Trello and in vlogs, and information can be added, moved and/or changed.

December 2019[edit | edit source]

  • Holiday Community Event
  • EXO Request Platform
  • Christmas Light Tethers
  • Hats and Masks Customization options
  • Dedicated Server Beta
  • Crossplay between Steam and Xbox via dedicated servers
  • Server Management and Moderation
  • In-game server browsing and favorites
  • A very interesting, new development

Potential Future Updates[edit | edit source]

These items are potentials for the future, and may or may not be implemented, or implemented as part of other updates.

  • TrueFlat 2.0
  • Automation Items
  • Usability and Accessibility Improvements
  • New Base Building Items and Modules
  • New Size of Tier Objects
  • New Resources
  • New Vehicles and Shuttles
  • Interactive and non-interactive decor
  • Player Inventory Management
  • New Suits & Palettes
  • Player Sharing & Trading
  • Cartography and Discovery Objects
  • Storms and Weather Events
  • Space Snails

Media[edit | edit source]