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Various vehicles can be created using a Small, Medium or Large Printer to help you gather and transport resources and research, or to travel to different Planets.

Rovers[edit | edit source]

Rovers are used on the surface of planets. This includes the Buggy, Tractor, Trailer, Medium Rover and the Large Rover. Most rovers can be chained together for increased storage and utility by connecting their power cable ports, however, the speed and efficiency of the vehicle decreases as the weight of the vehicle increases. Rovers need a supply of power, with most having built-in storage to allow for some travel time before a recharge is needed. Rely on Power to operate and can be powered by any combination of modules or power generating parts made by a Printer, be it solar, wind, etc. Rovers also act as an oxygen source while standing nearby but will not supply oxygen to Tethers unless equipped with an Oxygenator. The Buggy is unique in that it only has space for a Rover Seat and spaces for two small items, preferably Small Solar Panel or Small Wind Turbine.

Shuttles[edit | edit source]

Shuttles are capable of traveling between planets. Shuttles require either a Solid-Fuel Thruster or a Hydrazine Thruster with Hydrazine to be able to launch into space. Shuttles come in Small, Medium and Large variations. All shuttles have space for one player, requiring one or more Rover Seat to travel with more players.

Vehicle accessories[edit | edit source]

There are certain items that are meant to be used with a vehicle, such as Rover Seat, Large Rover Seat, and for rovers only, the Crane.