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Widgets are Small modules that can be carried in the backpack and generally have some manner of active behavior when plugged into a widget-compatible slot. Some widgets can only function if they are placed in one of the backpack's Widget Slots, like the shoulders or on the Terrain Tool.

Function with the Widget slot[edit | edit source]

Function on any slot[edit | edit source]

  • Small Battery: Batteries store 2 Columns, or 8 Bars of power.
  • Small Oxygen Tank: Stores Oxygen automatically, effectively expanding the oxygen reserve.
  • Power Cells: Generates 12 Bars of power before disappearing completely.
  • Oxygen Filters: Provides extra oxygen for a limited amount of time.
  • Small Generator: The Generator consumes Organic material to produce a constant 1.0A of power. Can be activated or deactivated as necessary by hovering over and holding F.
  • Portable Oxygenator: Creates oxygen at the cost of energy (a full tank will consume 10 bars of power, all the power the backpack can hold).
  • Worklight: Generates light with no power cost.