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Widgets are Small modules that can be carried in the backpack and most of the Storage modules to carry out a specific purpose, such as generating or storing Oxygen or Power. Some widgets can only function if they are placed in one of the backpack's Widget Slots.

Function With the Widget slot[edit | edit source]

  • Small Solar Panels: Solar Panels generate power in direct sunlight at 1 unit every 2 seconds
  • Wind Vane: Wind Vanes generate power using winds and player's movement at 1 unit every 2 seconds
  • Small Generator: The Generator consumes Organic material to produce 40 units of power in 40 seconds
  • Worklight: Generates light (no longer consumes energy).

Function on any slot[edit | edit source]

  • Small Battery: Batteries store 8 units of power
  • Tank: Stores oxygen equal to the backpack's capacity
  • Power Cells: Generate 16 units of power before disappearing completely
  • Filter: Provides extra oxygen for a limited amount of time.

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