Medium Wind Turbine

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Medium Wind Turbine
Wind Turbine.png
Tier Medium
Group Power
Type Module
Recipe 1x Glass 1x Ceramic
Crafted at Small Fabricator
Research 3,200 Bytes

The Medium Wind Turbine is a Power source that can be placed on two adjacent slots of a Module or a Vehicle. Just like the smaller Wind Vane, it generates power from the Wind, but will not generate power during a storm. Presumably this is because real life wind turbines will lock the rotors to prevent damage from spinning too fast.

Note: A moving vehicle does not "produce" wind. Wind only depends on the location and weather.

Production[edit | edit source]

A turbine produce 1 units/sec, or 4 secs/bar worth of energy: twice as much power as a small wind turbine and half of a large Solar Panel. When placed on a Module, a turbine will fill one column of battery in 4 seconds. So for instance, the 8-bar battery of a Vehicle Bay will be filled by one turbine in 32 seconds.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Wind Turbine also functions in space, though this is believed to be a bug.
  • They are useful for powering rovers and some bases in the large caves because the caves usually have drafts of wind. This is not a bug.

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