Small Wind Turbine

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Small Wind Turbine
Smallwind turbine.png
Tier Small
Group Power
Type Module
Recipe 1x Glass
Crafted at Backpack
Research 200 Bytes

The Small Wind Turbine (formerly known as the Wind Vane) is a smaller version of the Wind Turbine. The Small Wind Turbine is a widget and a power source that can be placed on a Platform, Vehicle, or on the utility slots of an Astroneer's Backpack. The Small Wind Turbine will only produce power while in windy weather, but not during a storm.

The Small Wind Turbine will create a Small Platform under it when placed by itself.

Production[edit | edit source]

  • One Small Wind Turbine produces 0.5 units/sec, or 8 secs/bar worth of power (same as the small solar panel). Without any other source of energy, a single wind vane will fill a backpack main battery in about 20 seconds.
  • When placed on any slot, a Small Wind Turbine will fill one bar of battery in 8 seconds. So, for example, the 8-bar battery of a Smelting Furnace will be filled by one wind vane in 64 seconds.
  • When 8 Small Wind Turbines are placed onto a Medium Storage, it will create the same amount of power as 4 medium wind turbines, effectively minimizing the space needed. This is useful for rovers, where space is at a premium.

Media[edit | edit source]