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Batteries are one of the types of Items you can craft which stores power. When a surplus is produced it can be stored in an internal battery which needs to fill up.

They are filled up and release their power at the maximum rate of 4 units/sec or 1 bar/sec.

This page is about the external batteries, see the Power page for the differences between the internal and external batteries.

Crafted from the BackpackEdit

→ See Small Battery

The 2-bars external battery on the right side of the backpack, below the oxygen tank.

Right from the start of the game, you can craft a small battery in your backpack's printer, using 1 lithium.

You can attach it to any attachment point on your backpack or base.

It stores up to 8 units or 2 bars of power.

When placed in the backpack, it increase the total energy storage by 80%, from 10 to 18 units. Energy will be drawn first from the crafted battery over the internal battery, but, as said above, will only be filled when the main battery is full.

Crafted from the PrinterEdit

→ See Battery

The 16-bars battery

You can craft a larger battery in the Printer module for two Lithium.

You can place it in any two adjacent slots.

It stores up to 16 bars of powers.