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The planet Terran.

In Astroneer, each of the planets are procedurally generated with unique Resources, Biomes, and Collectibles of their own. They can be completely reshaped by your Tools.

Types of planets[edit | edit source]

  • Icon Terran.png Terran - Terran Planet, safe haven, mildly dangerous caverns.
    • Icon Barren.png Barren - Moon of Terran, low gravity.
  • Icon Exotic.png Exotic - Erratic Terrain, hostile flora spawns along the surface, frequent storms.
  • Icon Arid.png Arid - Desert Planet, hazardous Tumblespikes roam around the surface.
  • Icon Radiated.png Radiated - Closest to the sun, Worm creatures inhabit its surface.
  • Icon Tundra.png Tundra - Coldest planet, generally safe, best source of Marbles and Ammonium.

Video Tutorial[edit | edit source]