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The Research Station Station is a module that costs two Compound to build and is used to research Artifacts. A unique Artifact must be researched to reveal a new schematic. Researching already researched variants of an Artifact grants one random material from a predetermined list. Astroneer contains a large quantity of objects than can only be built after the schematic for it has been revealed, so it is critical to seek out and research Artifacts in order to progress. It requires 8 bars of Power to research an Artifact.

Research Result

Each type of item will give you a new schematic (similar to a blueprint) the first time you research it. The schematic you get seems to be semi-random, but it must follow some kind of tech-tree.

When you research the same type several times, each additional artifact researched will yield a random stack of any of the following resource:

Once every schematic has been unlocked, researching any new artifact (as in, you haven't researched that type before) will result in the artifact disappearing completely without yielding any new schematics or rare resources.

Schematics To Unlock

Name Slot Size Description
Backpack items:
Filters 1 Contains 4 Charges of Oxygen.
Power Cells 1 Contains 4 Bars of Power.
Base Modules:
Fuel Condenser Module Uses 20 power to produce Hydrazine.
Geothermal Module Converts steam from a vent to Power (Not in 2.111 yet).
Trade Platform Module Trades resources.
Printer Objects:
Drill Head 2 A Deform Tool for Vehicles but can drill through grey rock. Can be mounted on crane or on front of vehicle.
Habitat 2 Can be used to start a new base.
Winch 2 Can be attached to an object to drag it around.
Vehicle Bay Objects:
3-Seat 4 (Vehicle) A 3-player seat for vehicles.
Truck Vehicle A large, wheeled Vehicle.
Spaceship Vehicle A large space-faring Vehicle.
Crane 4 (Vehicle) A crane that can be attached to Vehicles.
Large Storage 4 (Vehicle) Expands 2, 2-slot connectors into 4, 2-slot connectors.