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The Shuttle is one of the Vehicles in Astroneer. It is powered by Hydrazine and used to travel rapidly across a world or to other Planets.

Icon shuttle.png
Tier Large
Group Vehicle
Type Spacecraft
Recipe 2x Compound
Crafted at Vehicle Bay
Research Yes

A Shuttle base has two large mounts on top and two small mounts underneath which are also used to load Hydrazine canisters into the ships fuel tank. It also has a Base extension Umbilical port which can be used to find a new base.

Shuttles are light enough to be pushed from their landing places by strong storms.

  • Currently building a Shuttle leaves your Vehicle Bay in a state where it can only interact with the Shuttle. Unless you are playing multiplayer where one person can move the Shuttle to space you will want to build your Rover and Trucks first. If you are in multiplayer then landing a Shuttle on another vehicle will cause the vehicle to disappear underground and will appear in the closest cave normally.

[This can be avoided by constructing 2 Vehicle Bays. Checked in Single Player v.10131]


The shuttle requires a seat or Habitat to be attached and Hydrazine fuel in order to take off.

The Shuttle consumes 5 Hydrazine to fill its tank completely, giving you 10 'charges'. Consuming 1 charge whenever you take off, land, or travel between planets. Pressing the 'take off' button while in orbit opens a view of the solar system, allowing you to orbit and land on planets within the Shuttles' range. Some planets will be out of the Shuttles' operational radius, but will come into range as they orbit.

If the Shuttle only has 1 charge and is in orbit, it will only allow you to land on the planet you are orbiting. If the Shuttle has no charges, it will be able to land for free.


The Vehicle Bay additions (which are permanent) that can be built onto the Shuttle are:

  • 1-Seat (an enclosed version of a seat that occupies half the shuttle)
  • Crane (Useless because adding one of these to take up an entire shuttle leaving nowhere for a seat so it can not fly.)
  • Large Storage (Covers the entire top of the shuttle and using a Habitat as pilot seat becomes mandatory)

Printer Parts that can be attached to a Shuttle include:

Generator type module has minimal use on a shuttle unless a Habitat is being used as a pilot seat and it isn't desirable to use its two small mount points for transporting materials.

Other UsesEdit

  • A Shuttle has a base extension port that can be used to found a new base where it lands without the need for a Habitat
  • Like land vehicles, Shuttles provide unlimited Oxygen to players tethered to them. If power storage and/or generation are also mounted on the shuttle, it will also provide power to tethered players.


  • Attaching a Large storage addition to a shuttle will be best in almost all conditions as the cost of a Habitat is the same as a seat, but large storage in effect multiples the one large mount point that would be free into three that can be used by the shuttle to move possessions and supplies. (Vehicle Storage must be discovered first)
  • The two small mount points on the back of a Habitat can be used to mount additional modules or Materials.