Large Shuttle

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Large Shuttle
Tier Large
Group Vehicle
Type Spacecraft
Recipe 2x Aluminum 2x Compound
Crafted at Vehicle Bay
Research Yes

As the Tier 2 spacecraft in Astroneer, the Large Shuttle is larger than the Shuttle, and is also powered by Hydrazine. It can be used to travel rapidly across a world, or to other planets more easily.

A Large Shuttle base has four large mounts on top and two small mounts underneath, which are also used to load Hydrazine canisters into the ship's fuel tank. It also has two base extension umbilical ports (one on each side) which can be used to connect to a found or new base.

Like Shuttles, Large Shuttles land at Vehicle Bays (and it can't be moved after construction, except to launch it into orbit and doing so does not guarantee a Landing Zone nearby). It is advisable to then craft your ground vehicles first and park/dock them elsewhere to avoid spacecraft from landing on them accidentally. This might be a bug, but sometimes after an update the large shuttle floats above the base and then it floats all over the place and it can't be recovered.


The Large Shuttle requires a seat(large shuttle variant from vehicle bay, normal seats wont let you launch)or Habitat to be attached and fuel in the form of Hydrazine in order to take off. The Large Shuttle consumes 10 Hydrazine to fill its tank completely, giving you 20 'charges'. A single charge is consumed whenever you take off, land, or travel between planets. Pressing the 'take off' button while in orbit opens a view of the solar system, allowing you to orbit and land on planets within the shuttle's range. Some planets will be out of the Large Shuttle's operational radius, but will come into range as they orbit. If the Large Shuttle only has 1 charge and is in orbit, it will only allow you to land on the planet you are orbiting. If the Spaceship has no charges, it will be able to land for free.


The Vehicle Bay additions (which are permanent) that can be built onto the Spaceship are:

Printer parts that can be attached to a Shuttle include:

Generator type module has minimal use on a Large Shuttle unless a Habitat is being used as a pilot seat, and it isn't desirable to use its two small mount points for transporting materials.

Other Uses

  • A Large Shuttle has two base extension umbilical ports (one on each side) that can be used to found a new base where it lands without the need for a Habitat.
  • Like land vehicles, Shuttles provide unlimited Oxygen to players tethered to them. If power storage and/or generation are also mounted on the shuttle, it will also provide power to tethered players.


  • Attaching two Vehicle Storage additions (once Researched) to a Spaceship will be best (unless you wish to install a crane), as the cost of a Habitat is the same as a seat, but Vehicle Storage, in effect, doubles the large mount points it's installed on, increasing carrying capacity of the vehicle.
  • The two small mount points on the back of a Habitat can be used to mount additional Module or Materials.
  • If you are planning to create a new base and are carrying materials for a printer, add two Compound to the back of the pilot's seat to make a replacement and use the existing Habitat to create the new base. This frees up the space that would hold a second Habitat to carry much more materials.